Visiting Pilots

Visiting Pilots

Visiting pilots are always welcome! Each year we are privileged to receive many overseas guests who visit us to experience the spectacular scenery and legendary South African soaring conditions. We do encourage you to contact us before your visit so that we can assist in making your stay as pleasant as possible. Visiting pilots can either fly with an instructor during a training introductory flight, or they can fly at club rates if they join the club for a day / weekend, however, to fly solo a visiting pilot must either have a valid South African GPL or validated RSA license endorsement and a copy of their logbook. For  information on validating your foreign GPL click Foreign Pilots and Training Introduction. To download the application forms click Application Validation and Application Certificate.


Club members / visitors may use the club hut for overnight accommodation or camp at the airfield. Private huts are also available for rent on the airfield (to be arranged directly with members concerned). In the town of Worcester there are numerous guest houses and a hotel. Other guest houses exist in the surrounding countryside. For accommodation enquiries visit:

Airspace and Radio Frequencies

Airspace is unrestricted up to FL85 (airfield elevation is 650ft). Airfield frequency is 124.8 MHz. ATC permission is required from Cape Town Approach ATC on 130.05 MHz to enter controlled airspace between FL85 and FL195 since Worcester airfield (FAWC) is situated underneath the Cape Town  TMA. Outside the TMA airpace is unrestricted up to FL145. All radio communications are in English. Further away from the airfield (outside the TMA) use 131.125 MHz (within the Cape Province). Chat frequency is 123.4 MHz. Please see our Cloudbase Club Manual for details on specific reporting points when flying on the ridges.


Waypoints (turn points, airfields, etc.) can be downloaded from here.