Sailplane Grand Prix 2015

Sailplane Grand Prix 2015

In January 2015 our club hosted a qualifying round for the world Sailplane Grand Prix series. Ten pilots from around the world competed in the SGP. More than 3200 km were flown during seven competition days. The competition started with a 712 km task on Day 1 which was flown at an average task speed of 167 km/h and was won by Uli Schwenck from Germany.

The average task distance was 462 km and the average task winning speed for the SGP was 166 km/h. On Day 4 Laurens Goudriaan achieved a competition task speed of 189 km/h, the highest ever recorded in the history of competiton flying! Laurens was an outstanding winner after 7 competition days, even managing to compensate for receiving zero points after missing the start line on Day 2. He won with a total of 57 points and 7 points ahead of Uli Schwenck in second place wih 50 points and Holger Karow from Germany in third with 41 points.

Competition results and flight traces can be found here:

See some of Uli’s flights on OLC here:

Uli Schwenck 620km flight at 171km/h on OLC

Uli Schwenck 741km flight at 142km/h on OLC