Did seeing a plane in the sky ever make you think “I would love to try that”?

Or maybe you have always been interested in aviation, no matter what shape or form? If this is you then come and learn how to soar like a bird at the Cape Gliding Club and realise your dream! Gliding is the best kept secret in aviation! It is the most elegant and purest form of flight, but it is also a lot of fun!

What are the advantages of learning how to fly a glider?

  • You can fly solo from age 16
  • It is less expensive than power flying (a one hour soaring flight in one of our club gliders will cost only R270)
  • It is QUIET
  • You will learn how to fly using exactly the same controls as a normal plane
  • The transition from gliding to powered aircraft is easy and will cost you less money
  • The view from a glider cockpit is simply SPECTACULAR!
Gliding at the Cape Gliding Club, Worcester

Realize your dream. Join the Cape Gliding Club now and start your training this coming weekend! It is that simple…

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